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  • Gabriel Gagné-Bédard

Snek'Tech, the Pride of Mono Frost in Cryptid Nation

Updated: Apr 19

Hey, I’m Monk!

I’m a Metazoologist for MetaZoo that's been playtesting on his own for a while, but that just now decided to start publishing my work. I won’t hide it, I'm a Frost lover and will mainly focus on tweaking and making decks using Frost cards :). But that doesn’t mean I won't be making other types of decks as well! I hope you’ll make good use of the decks I build.

Catch you around Casters!


The signature Frost beasties of Cryptid Nation (from left to right): Kushtaka, Snow Snake, and Tizheruk).
The signature Frost beasties of Cryptid Nation (from left to right): Kushtaka, Snow Snake, and Tizheruk). Photo edit done by Kevin Cote. All rights reserved to original artists.

Basically, I wanted a deck to counter the super aggressive playstyle of the Hopkinsville Goblin King Deck, by making a deck that would be un-targetable while dealing more damage than what the goblins could do. I tested this deck extensively to make it versatile for many situations.

The Build

“Snek'Tech”, Mono Frost Aggro Deck (44 Cards)
Monk, 24 March 2021

Snow Snake x 10
Kushtaka x 2
Tizheruk x 1
Babe The Blue Ox x 1
(14 Beasties)

Icy Path x 4
New Year's New Beginnings x 1
Bookmark x 2
Powerup Red x 1
Lightning In A Bottle x 5
Snowing x 4
(17 Utility)

Frost Aura x 10
Eternal Snowflake x 2
Chaos Crystal x 1
(13 Aura)

Win Condition: This deck mainly attacks the opponent's as soon as possible. Kushtaka and Snow Snakes work well with Lightning In A Bottle and Snowing, to guarantee hitting your opponent in the face while evading any defenders or attackers. Bookmarks and New Year's New Beginnings (NYNB) are there to help you draw cards when you are low. The deck also uses Powerup Red under a Snow Snake or Tizheruk to maximize damage each turn while being un-targetable.

Page Breakdown

  • I chose Icy Path as the only Frost spell in my deck because of its psychological pressure. Normally, I would have created a deck without any offensive or defensive spells, since they waste space in my spellbook. However, Icy Path can always make an opponent doubt themselves before attacking, assuming I have 2 Frost Aura awakened during their turn. You can also bluff like you don't have one, by letting yourself be attacked by lower damage beasties. And then when a big hit is coming, you swing it out and redirect it to the opposing Caster’s face.

  • Powerup Red synergizes perfectly with Snow Snake's and Tizheruk's Invisibility. By turn 3 I could have a beastie with 135 attack damage, 130 Life Points (LP) and Invisible (if it's snowing). Pretty good right? All that for 4 Frost Aura!

  • Chaos Crystal made it in my deck because of the comeback opportunities it gives when you lack aura. It's a one per Spellbook so it doesn't take much space, and the potential for three Aura is more than worth it. The only problem is its low health, but in a desperate situation, the opponent wasting an attack or spell on it can prove super useful.

  • I put five Lightning In A Bottle in this deck for one reason only: I needed better odds of drawing it on turn one. Lightning in a Bottle acts as a pillar for quick offence and consecutive damage to the opponent. For instance, by Turn 4 I can have 4 Snow Snakes, 4 Frost Aura, a Powerup Red and Lightning In A Bottle. That's around 270 un-defendable damage straight to the opponent's face.

Above: Here are some good starting hands you should aim for, using real shuffles!

  • New Year's New Beginnings was added as a way to counter bad first hands. If I don’t like my starting hand, I mulligan until I get an aura in hand with a NYNB. And depending on the number of mulligans I've made, keeping cards like Snowing may be better than keeping a Snow Snake. Then I play both the Frost Aura and Snowing. I fatigue the Aura and play NYNB, which allows me to have placed 2 cards already on the board and be back to seven cards in hand. NYNB also disrupts your opponent's hand, which they likely kept because their cards were good.

  • The hand removal of NYNB always makes it frustrating for a player's strategy. There's one more devastating yet difficult hand you can use with NYNB. Your hand is NYNB, Snowing, Frost Aura, Frost Aura, Snow Snake, Snow Snake and a Lightning In a Bottle. Turn One, draw a card like Snowing, you play an Aura, play Snowing, then fatigue the aura to cast a Snow Snake and end your turn. It's the opponent's turn: whatever happens, happens. Back to you, you play another Aura, fatigue one aura for a Snow Snake, and now you only have NYNB, Lightning In A Bottle and Snowing in hand, you play the Bottle on the fatigued Snake. You attack for 70 damage to the Caster's face. You then pay your last awakened Frost Aura for a New Year’s New Beginnings and you draw seven cards. That way you are back to seven cards in hands, 2 beasties on the arena, 2 aura placed, your terra bonus and damage done. That's how I use it at least.

  • Having the whole deck cost be low allows for Icy Path's pressure to shine even more, because it allows many Frost Aura to remain awakened during an opponent's turn. Plenty of available Aura also helps putting as many beasties as possible on the board. And since this is an Aggro deck, that's exactly our goal.


  1. Invisibility punishes low removal.

  2. Super quick to set up.

  3. Low Aura Costs.

  4. Good drawing odds.


  1. Weak to Flame.

  2. Weak to removal (i.e., Fireball, Lightning Bolt, and Morpheus).

  3. Needs at least one Lightning In A Bottle in hand to work.

  4. Bad hands are an automatic forfeit.


Overall, this deck shows a lot of strength and is pretty consistent. So I’d say this deck is a pretty solid aggro deck in the current state of the game, and can definitely hold itself against the strongest archetypes.

What do you think of Snek'Tech? Leave a comment down below, and thanks for reading!

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