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  • Kevin Cote

Quadruple Quetzalcoatlus, the Apex of the Metagame

Updated: Apr 19

Welcome back, Casters! Today we're talking about one of the best decks in the current Metagame; some would even call it the best deck at the moment. The cards are rare and pricey to obtain, but if you can construct this deck you'll be in a great spot for competitive play.

Without further ado, let's talk about Quadruple Quetzalcoatlus, also known as “QQ”!


The Big 3 of QQ (from left to right): Ball Lightning, Quetzalcoatlus, and Chibi Quetza. All rights reserved to original artists.
The Big 3 of QQ (from left to right): Ball Lightning, Quetzalcoatlus, and Chibi Quetza. All rights reserved to the original artists.

QQ was one of the first decks I constructed for MetaZoo, as who wouldn't build it? Lightning is the king and queen of Aura types in Cryptid Nation due to high damage output, Aura ramp, and access to the First-Strike trait. The Lightning Tribal Deck also has much needed Aura Pages and support cards. However, the best reason to play Lightning is simply due to Quetzalcoatlus.

Quetzalcoatlus is an absurdly good beastie, coming in at four per Spellbook and boasting three traits. Hitting for a base 80 damage when the Lightning Storm Terra is present, a single Quetzalcoatlus can win you the game. Three more Quetzalcoatlus can guarantee a win and make up against removal. All you need is the right support, and Quetzalcoatlus can solo carry a deck.

Let's check out the build!

The Build

"Quadruple Quetzalcoatlus" (QQ), Mono Lightning Midrange Deck (40 Cards)
Kevin Cote, 1 April 2021

Chibi Quetza x 3
Dingbelle x 1
Ball Lightning x 3
Metal Man Of Alabama x 2
Quetzalcoatlus x 4
(13 Beasties)

Lightning Bolt x 4
Bookmark x 2
New Year's New Beginnings x 1
Powerup Red x 1
Lightning In a Bottle x 2
Luck Potion x 1
Lightning Storm x 3
(14 Utility)

Lightning Aura x 11
Lightning Glass x 2
(13 Aura)

While I originally built this deck on March 15th of 2021, I updated it to add New Year's New Beginnings by taking out a Dingbelle. NYNB is just too busted! I also took out an additional Dingbelle to add an extra Lightning Aura Page for consistency.

A quick note: I designed this deck to be more of a baseline than a finalized powerhouse. Feel free to mix and match cards to your taste. For instance, adding Grounding and Paralyze can be great to deal with other QQ decks. You could also run Shock Aura too, with a higher risk/reward strategy for quicker Aura ramp.

Win Condition: This deck plays a quiet early game, passively contracting pages for the first couple turns. Our goal is to contract Quetzalcoatlus as soon as possible. To do that, we either use Chibi Quetza's tutoring effects or obtain enough Aura to contract Quetzalcoatlus normally. Once we get a Quetzalcoatlus in the Arena, just start wiping out the opposing Caster's board, and let the storm begin!

Page Breakdown

  • Chibi Quetza is as core to QQ as Quetzalcoatlus. As the only tutoring card in Cryptid Nation, Chibi Quetza can contract a Quetzalcoatlus for free after three turns, or immediately as a trap. Essentially, Chibi Quetza adds three extra chances to obtain a Quetzalcoatlus, significantly boosting our draw ratios. Chibi Quetza also functions as an easy way to ping off weakened Beasties hit with Lightning Bolt, or a clutch paralyzer.

  • Ball Lightning is an amazing beastie, which not only generates one Lightning aura but acts as an early to mid game attacker. The 25 LP loss per turn is worth it, as you’re probably going to have Ball Lightning for at least one to two turns due to its Flying trait. We can make our overall Aura slightly low in this deck since Ball Lightning acts as a pseudo “Aura Page”.

  • While Dingbelle is a weak early game card, the little guy really shines during the mid to late game as a finisher. Even if the opponent destroys your last Quetzalcoatlus, winning can be impossible when faced with a massive token swarm.

Above: Here are some good starting hands you should aim for, using real shuffles!

  • Metal Man of Alabama carries the board when we can't get out Quetzalcoatlus. With Lightning Bolt support, Metal Man of Alabama can clear out most early to mid game Beasties, especially those pesky Tribal Boost threats.

  • Quetzalcoatlus is our primary win condition, so we want the maximum four per Spellbook. If a Lightning Storm is on the board, we can one-shot almost all Beasties. Just be careful of any single target removals like Morpheus, Death Beam, or Rock Rain, and you'll be A-okay.

  • Our utility is pretty basic, just running the standard draw support (i.e., NYNB and Bookmark) and offensive cards (i.e. Powerup Red and Lightning in a Bottle) in the Cryptid Nation Metagame. A single Luck Potion with four Lighting Bolts gives five ways to guarantee Paralysis outside of combat.

  • As mentioned earlier, we don't need to run a ton of Aura in this deck, since we already have the means to contract Quetzalcoatlus (particularly in Chibi Quetza and Ball Lightning ramp).


  1. Extremely consistent playstyle.

  2. Hard to remove bombs (Quetzalcoatlus and Metal Man of Alabama).

  3. Low cost once Ball Lightning is out.

  4. Good come-back potential.


  1. Weak to Earth, particularly Rock Rain.

  2. Countered by other QQ decks due to Grounding.

  3. Will be the deck everyone expects in the Metagame.

This deck is God tier in terms of the meta at the moment. It is the Zeus, compared to mortals. People are building decks daily with Quetz counters in mind. It will be interesting to see if a deck can make it to the clouds of thunder. Until then, the storm will continue to brew...

majorasmirage, MetaZoo Content Creator, Player, and Personality


If you want to be the best MetaZoo player, then you better start running Quad Quetzalcoatlus ASAP. This deck is already feared by the most active players, and we're bound to see it everywhere until Quetzalcoatlus is nerfed.

Thanks for reading! Disagree with a card choice, or think Quetzalcoatlus is overrated? Leave it in the comments below!

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