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  • Kevin Cote

MetaZoo Quick Start Guide: The Cheapest Way to Play MetaZoo in 2021

MetaZoo has been popping off in the past month. From big influencers raising awareness of the game to prices skyrocketing, the game is growing exponentially. However, there has been a lack of emphasis on people actually playing the game, due to several important reasons:

  1. Product is extremely hard to obtain, due to all Kickstarter Product being sold out.

  2. The secondary market is way too pricey, cutting most people from purchasing cards.

  3. A lack of public consciousness regarding player resources, such as where and how to learn the game.

I've seen these issues in price, product, and player resources, and myself and others have been working to resolve them.

Regarding price and product, this issue as been solved by a humble community member: TiresomeLime! TiresomeLime has created a Tabletop Simulator Workshop Map of MetaZoo Cryptid Nation. To facilitate awareness of this amazing Workshop Map, I have created a tutorial video for people to learn what the Map is and how to use it! Please check it out below.

Regarding player resources, there have been more and more videos coming out regarding how to play MetaZoo. I have created the official MetaZoo Tutorial, which you can also see below. However, this video does not go extremely in-depth into the rules. To help with that, mznotepad writer and content creator Neptune has created a complete rules breakdown for people to see. This way players can understand most game issues they may encounter.

I'm excited for the future of MetaZoo, and want to see the competitive scene pop off. Hopefully with these videos, more aspiring players will be able to play this awesome game!

If you're new to the site, is a great place to find the best deck ideas to start experimenting with. So feel free to explore our content!

Thanks for reading, and please leave any questions down below!

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