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  • Kil Wilkins

Flatwoods Theory, Cosmic and Water's Torrential Blast

Hey there - my name is Linkus and welcome to my first MZ Notepad deck build! I’ve been a member of the community since early March, and quickly got hooked on the competitive potential behind these cool-looking cards. It’s my aim to design creative builds that fuse fun gameplay with metagame viability. Thanks for stopping by!

Do you wish to instill massive amounts of damage to your opponent in a matter of a few short turns? Use a Lightning deck! Want to mix things up a little more? Check out this tricky Cosmic and Water fusion build. Starring Flatwoods Monster, Loveland Frogman, and a fluid supporting cast, this build brings the sauce.


Flatwoods Monster and Loveland Frogman chilling by the lake. Who knew Stars gave so much power? All rights reserved to the original artists.
Flatwoods Monster and Loveland Frogman chilling by the lake. Who knew Stars gave so much power? All rights reserved to the original artists.

The viability of this deck hinges on Flatwoods Monster and it’s potent Terra-boosted damage and nifty effects. While Flatwoods’ base attack deals a meager 10 damage, with the Meteor Shower Terra in play this is buffed a whopping +200 damage points! With a few Lightning in a Bottle (LiaB) Pages in one’s chapter, Flatwoods can casually mete out 400+ or even 600+ damage points to your opponent’s LP in a single turn. With an aura cost of five, Flatwoods Monster mostly poses as a late game bomb. However, two of the required Aura can be from any Aura type, allowing Flatwoods to potentially enter the Arena earlier than other high-cost, mono-Aura Beasties such as Mothman, Jersey Devil, and Quetzalcoatlus. Additionally, the flexibility in Flatwoods Monster's Aura cost makes it a natural fit in a multi-Aura deck, where it can gain entry through either Aura type the Caster is running. On top of this, Flatwoods Monster is allocated to a fairly high three per Spellbook, boosting its draw chances.

Aside from a relatively high aura cost, the major drawback of Flatwoods is its paltry 30 base LP. One-aura Beasties such as Squonk can one-shot a Flatwoods without needing any setup, as can Terra-boosted Giant Salamanders and Ghost Deer. In light of this, maximizing the efficacy of Flatwoods requires either adequately protecting it or ensuring that it is able to outpace the opponent. In this vein, Flatwoods Monster’s effects can provide an extra level of damage pressure on the opponent as well as LP and damage buffs to Flatwoods itself. Upon entering the arena, Flatwoods’ poison-inducing entrance effect can quickly wipe an opponent’s Dingbelle token swarm in two turns. Additionally, Flatwoods’ Pain Abduction power boosts its base attack points and LP significantly, and a few LiaBs here can add +50 or +75 to Flatwoods’ base stats, giving it extra longevity and power.

The Water dual typing provides a number of handy benefits, including superior card draw, protective spells, and a bomb-breaker in Loveland Frogman. Frogman’s power Charmed also pairs synergistically with Flatwoods’ Pain Abduction, allowing Flatwoods to potentially gain a +150 point buff to its LP and attack. For casters that live in a city, Sewer Alligator provides low-cost early game pressure reminiscent of terra-boosted Giant Salamander. Enfield Monster, Reflection, and Invisibility all provide incredible defensive value, helping to keep your frail Beasties in the arena longer.

The Build

"Flatwoods Theory" (FT), Cosmic/Water Combo Deck (47 cards)
Linkus, 12 April 2021

Moon-Eyed People x 2
Fresno Nightcrawlers x 2
Enfield Monster x 3
Flatwoods Monster x 3
Lake Worth Monster x 2
Loveland Frogman x 2
(14 Beasties)

Meteor Shower x 2
Bookmark x 2
New Year's New Beginnings x 1
Cryptid Nation x 1
Powerup Red x 1
Lightning n a Bottle x 5
Invisibility x 2
Reflection x 2
Transfiguration x 2
(18 Utility)

Water Aura x 4
Mermaid Scales x 2
Cosmic Aura x 6
Black Hole Shard x 2
Chaos Crystal x 1
(15 aura)

Win Condition: Build up board until Flatwoods enters the Arena. From there, utilize card draw and pace-setters like LiaB to deal huge damage rapidly to your opponent’s face. Utilize defenders and/or Flatwoods’ effects to increase Flatwoods’ longevity.

Page Breakdown

  • The Frogman-Flatwoods combination can be lethal with a few LiaBs in your chapter.

  • Enfield Monster is an excellent defender for low-LP Beasties and Artifacts.

  • Fresno Nightcrawlers and Moon-Eyed People provide additional card draw potential to the Water Page pool.

Above: Here are some good starting hands you should aim for, using real shuffles!

  • Flatwoods Monster’s poison entry effect can handle swarms of Dingbelle tokens.

  • Superior card draw can help circumvent the somewhat high page count in this Spellbook.

  • Transfiguration, Invisibility, and Reflection provide solid support as offensive and defensive spells.

  • Sewer Alligator can be switched in for Lake Worth Monster to provide early damage, although it needs a City Terra setup for non-urbanites.


  1. Potential for huge chunks of damage.

  2. Great card draw capabilities.

  3. Water Pages provide excellent support.


  1. Flatwoods is high-cost and potentially very weak.

  2. Win-con accessibility is not assured.

  3. Weakness to the Lightning and Forest Metagame makes Water a risky play.

Linkus has designed a deck with immense versatility and utility, all while being a blast to play. Anyone who pulls a Flatwoods Monster dreams to one day win a game with it. This deck is the way.

Kevin C., mznotepad's Head Editor and MetaZoologist


Ultimately, this deck epitomizes a high-risk, high-reward playstyle. Flatwoods has as much potential to obliterate the opponent as it does to fall on its face and severely hinder the Caster’s chances, while the Water Pages have a few tricks up their sleeves. The Caster can experience the fun of an off-meta build while surprising a few opposing Casters along the way. Thanks for checking out this build, and don’t forget to leave a comment down below - your support and feedback make this community stronger!

Thanks for reading! Disagree with a card choice, or don't like Cosmic and Water? Leave it in the comments below!

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