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  • Tristin Raymond

NPJ, Nighttime Intensity from East to West

Updated: Apr 19

Heyo! I’m Neptune, one of the mods and MetaZoologists on the main MetaZoo Discord server. I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a bit now, and I think sharing them with the community will inspire others to make some decks of their own. I’m a huge fan of the Cumberland Dragon (not yet released outside of sample cards) but Cosmic aura is definitely my favorite aura type, so you best bet I’ll have some more in the future.

I also make content on YouTube! You can check out my channel and socials via the links below.


YouTube : Planet Neptune



Papa Jersey Devil watching over a couple precious Night Crawlers. Photo edit done by ANOC_Gaming and Kevin Cote. All rights reserved to original artists.
Papa Jersey Devil watching over a couple precious Night Crawlers. Photo edit done by Kevin Cote. All rights reserved to original artists.

I decided to make this deck because it looked fun, since several Dark and Cosmic beasties benefit from the Nighttime Terra. On top of that, Fresno Nightcrawlers is a cryptid very close to my hometown, so I’m paying some homage to it here. This deck is able to hard counter beasties such as Gumberoo, Hopkinsville Goblin King, and even the Dingbelle Ringleader. I’ve really enjoyed playing this deck and I hope you do too!

The Build

“No Pants in Jersey“ (NPJ), Cosmic/Dark Midrange Deck (44 Cards)
Neptune, 29 March 2021

Moon-Eyed People x 2
Killer Clown x 1
Fresno Nightcrawlers x 2
Space Penguins x 2
Bunny Man x 4
Enfield Monster x 2
Jersey Devil x 1
(14 Beasties)

Broom x 2
Bookmark x 2
Transfiguration x 4
Death Beam x 2
Chaos Potion x 2
Lightning In A Bottle x 2
Nighttime x 2
(16 Utility)

Cosmic Aura x 4
Dark Aura x 6
Black Hole Shard x 2
Blood Ruby x 1
Chaos Crystal x 1
(14 Aura)

Win Condition: This deck is designed specifically around Fresno Nightcrawlers and Jersey Devil. Use what you can to stall until these higher powered beasties enter the arena, then decimate the opposing Caster’s board of beasties. Once the opposing Caster has no pages to counter your attack, start focusing them down until victory.

Page Breakdown

  • Fresno Nightcrawlers is your best friend here, as it only costs two Cosmic Aura, has the Spirit trait, and enters the Arena awakened. Unfortunately, Fresno Nightcrawlers can be one-shot by nearly anything that can hit it. This is where Bunny Man comes in handy. Using Bunny Man’s "Dark Resurrection" ability, it is possible to swap places with an already destroyed Fresno Nightcrawlers in your Limbo. This is why we have four Bunny Man in NPJ, to maximize the amount of times that Fresno Nightcrawlers can be replayed.

  • Another core card of NPJ is Moon-Eyed People, as they allow you to take a card from the top seven pages in your Spellbook and shuffle the rest back in. With two Moon-Eyed People in NPJ, you will be able to draw a Fresno Nightcrawlers or Jersey Devil, maximizing this Spellbook’s consistency. Moon-Eyed people’s ability can only be used once, as it sends them to the Afterlife, but this is their sole purpose in NPJ.

Above: Here are some good starting hands you should aim for, using real shuffles!

  • Moon-Eyed People is great early game, but will be destroyed instantly late game. Therefore, I recommend playing it with a Broom to give it that extra longevity and counter non-flight beasties. Alternatively, you can play it with Lightning in a Bottle to use Moon-Eyed People’s ability the same turn they were contracted. In any case, Space Penguins are also here to defend and soak up damage that may come in, as they have 60 LP and only cost two aura.

  • When your board is strong enough, cards like Jersey Devil and Enfield Monster come in handy to defend against attackers. Because most of the Beasties in this deck can be boosted by the Nighttime terra, it’s important to get it into the field as soon as possible to melt high LP beasties.

  • In terms of utility, a well-timed Transfiguration can eliminate any tanky threat in the arena. Chaos potion is a crux for cards like Gumberoo and racking up an extra 20 damage when needed.


  1. High Damage output for low Aura Costs (i.e., Fresno Nightcrawlers and Bunny Man).

  2. Plenty of Spells to counter various situations.

  3. High tech support with Moon-Eyed People.

  4. Resurrection for Fresno Nightcrawlers via Bunny Man.


  1. Most Beasties are easy to destroy.

  2. Slightly reliant on Moon-Eyed People for key cards.

  3. Can’t handle swarms of Beasties well (i.e. Dingbelle tokens, Tribal Boost beasties, etc.)

In a primordial Meta game flooded with swarm-based Aggro decks, Neptune has fabricated something entirely different: a Spellbook that focuses on quality rather than quantity. Cosmic and Dark synergizes as well as stars under a black sky, gleaming new light into competitive play.

Kevin Cote, mznotepad's Head Editor and MetaZoologist


To conclude, NPJ has a niche for surprising the opponent. Early game they may be confused, but late game this deck really shines. Hope this deck works for you as well as it has for me!

Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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