mznotepad is a site developed for MetaZoo players, by MetaZoo players. We are a collaborative effort aimed at bringing MetaZoo's competitive scene into the spotlight: from deck articles, tier lists, essays, memes, and more. If you would like to be involved, send an inquiry over to kevincoteinquiries@gmail.com.

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Kevin Cote

Head Editor and MetaZoologist

Hey there, I'm Kevin! mznotepad is my to effort make competitive MetaZoo decks refined, open source, and accessible for all players.


I absolutely love the MetaZoo card game, and I've wanted the competitive scene to thrive way before release. While I also run a MetaZoo YouTube channel, I wanted a clean site particularly focused on deck lists. Because MetaZoo was still very young at the site's creation, there was no organized source to display competitive decks! While the MetaZoo Discord has a #deck-ideas section, it is too messy for readers to filter and read through desired deck lists. Additionally, there was a lack of detail regarding why certain cards were put in or left out, leading to a wall of information with low comprehension.

A public consciousness of what is "meta" or not is imperative to grow a healthy tournament scene. One where players can adapt, evolve, and help each other out. I am both a MetaZoologist (judge) and a competitive player. But while I want to win, I am more interested in seeing MetaZoo's tournament scene succeed. Therefore, I make a few promises to my readers:

1) All decks have no secrets attached. That means any deck that I either plan or will use in competitive will be on the site, with complete sideboards and reasoning.

2) If I put a deck on the site, I will always credit the deck's creator(s) and date of creation. Please expect the majority of decks on the site to be made by myself (Kevin Cote), but do note I may tweak final deck lists based on my tastes. However, you're free to disagree and refine any deck list! 

3) All decks are fair game to use. If you want to purely netdeck off the site, that is a completely valid decision. Deck building is an art and a science, and many people do not have the interest, time, or money to actively deck build. This site is meant to be a resource for everyone who wants to play MetaZoo competitively: whether that be an elementary school child building a deck with $20, or a novice yet affluent player, looking to create the highest budget tournament winning deck. 

Lastly, I want to thank and acknowledge several people and/or groups. First off, thank you to my family, primarily my parents and grandparents. Without them, I wouldn't be alive typing these words out, nor would I be roofed, fed, and educated. Thank you to the MetaZoo online community, for accepting me as is and enjoying what I create. Thank you to Mike W., who gave me my initial surplus of decks to create and test my crazy ideas. Thank you to Ken, for pushing me to even start content creating, and for being a pillar to lean on for revision. Thank you to Jordan, for creating this sick self-portrait I use online. And lastly, thank you to my significant other Nancy, who has always been by my side, and listens to me talk about expensive cardboard until she passes out.